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The 8th China ASEAN (Liuzhou) Auto Industry Expo opens on September 11, the 8th China ASEAN (Liuzhou) Auto Industry Expo opened in Liuzhou. The Auto Expo will be held in two stages. The first stage is the exhibition of complete vehicles and construction machinery, which will be held from September 11 to 16; The second stage is the auto parts exhibition, machine tool (Intelligent Manufacturing) and industrial robot exhibition, which will be held from October 19 to 21

Wu Wei, mayor of Liuzhou, attended the opening ceremony and said in his speech that at present, Liuzhou is in a new stage of promoting high-quality industrial development, building a modern manufacturing city and building a trillion yuan strong industrial city, and is also committed to accelerating the construction of the core hub of international channels, the industrial engine of strategic fulcrum, and the open highland of important portals, which will add new connotation to this Auto Expo and provide more investment opportunities and broad development space for all parties

there are nearly 70 products in this auto repair Expo, including super luxury brands, imported brands, joint ventures and domestic independent brands, through the provision of improved estimation boards for construction time and material use, and the centralized display of nearly 400 models. For the first time, a number of luxury RV models at home and abroad will be intensively displayed for everyone to choose. There are more than a dozen interactive links at the exhibition site, such as simultaneous activities, theme displays and new car launches. The newly added "VR black technology experience area" has introduced more than 10 sets of the most advanced AR and vr virtual digital equipment in China, providing the most intuitive platform for the audience to experience the automotive industry technology and understand the principles of automotive manufacturing from a zero distance. The newly established new energy vehicle exhibition in the brand exhibition area will let consumers understand the current development of new energy vehicles and the concept of new energy and environmental protection

Mr. Xiao Sava, honorary chairman of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and industry and former Deputy Minister of the Lao Ministry of industry and trade, said that he was very optimistic about the development prospects of the automotive industry between China and ASEAN countries, and hoped that the two sides could promote cooperation in electric energy vehicles, which could not only protect the environment but also develop industry, and strive to promote the cooperation between Laos and Liuzhou in many fields such as industry, culture and tourism

it is reported that since its establishment, the China ASEAN (Liuzhou) Automobile Industry Expo has become one of the landmark exhibitions in the southwest, which is Liuzhou Automobile 1 Compliance with specifications: ASTM d5289 car shows its brand image and provides an important window for the exchange and cooperation between China's automobile industry and ASEAN. This year, with the theme of "mutual benefit and win-win industrial cooperation", the Expo has injected more international new elements and concepts, focusing on new technologies, new products and new formats in the industry, which will effectively promote the cooperation between Liuzhou and ASEAN countries

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