The 8th Beijing International Printing Exhibition

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The 8th Beijing international printing exhibition closed

on May 18, the 8th Beijing international printing technology exhibition ended perfectly. In the five-day exhibition, the professional audience reached 183800 person times, which exceeded the exhibition organizer's expectation of 60000 person times to explain the control system of 1 Tensile testing machine. The exhibition area increased from 110000 square meters to 160000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors increased from more than 1000 to more than 1200. This exhibition fully shows three characteristics: strong popularity, high internationalization level and high customer quality

according to the statistics of the exhibition organizers, this exhibition is very popular, with more than 55000 professional visitors on the first and second days, nearly 170000 professional visitors on the first four days and more than 180000 professional visitors on the fifth day. At the same time, the sales of exhibitors, especially the sales of large exhibitors, exceeded expectations. It is understood that on the first day of the exhibition, Tianjin evergreen signed a sales contract of nearly 70million yuan; The internationalization level of Chinese merchants in each group of 3 test pieces is high. International well-known brands such as HP and Heidelberg have all come to the exhibition, and international customers have also exceeded previous ones; The high quality of professional visitors is mainly reflected in that they not only come to understand the development of equipment, materials and technology, but also put forward many professional questions. Insiders said that judging from the achievements of the exhibition, it gave full play to the advantages of the Chinese market and customers, indicating that China is a big market

since its inception in 1984, Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition has been held every four years. It is one of the largest comprehensive international printing exhibitions in China and has now ranked among the six largest printing exhibitions in the world

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